Hubb Life


Every Wednesday beginning august 15th.

Fellowship meal at 5:00.

Children, Youth & Small Group Studies at 6:00pm.

Soul Food Café (Worship Service) at 6:10pm.

HUBB Life will be starting soon and we are looking forward to launching our Wednesday night meals. We asked for your feedback at the end of last year and you answered! Here's what is new:

- We will have rotating menus of 8-10 entrees.

- Portion sizes will be larger.

- There will be a salad bar each week.

- Pizza will be offered each week for the kids.

The cost for hot plates (Entrees) will be $6 with a $20 max for families of 4 or more. Pizza will be $2 for one slice or $4 for two slices OR a slice and a salad. We are looking for volunteers to help us serve each Wednesday night. Please consider this as an opportunity to give back to your church. This is a great place to plug in if you feel like you don't have a gift or you aren't sure where God can use you! Watch for more details on this upcoming opportunity to serve!

Wednesday night small group studies:

We are also excited to offer a few different Small Group Studies on Wednesday nights at 6:00pm.


(Nothing is Different Until You Think Differently), by James MacDonald Facilitated by Katie Ebers in Disciple Classroom.

Think Differently Bible Study Book includes 10 small-group sessions, 10 weeks of personal Bible, applicable scripture, "How to Use This Study," and tips for leading a group.

Why do we lose our temper? Why do we tend to hurt those who care for most? How do families find themselves broken? The reason is often the way we think. Beyond behaviors and deeper than attitudes, thinking determines outcome more than anything else. The Book of Romans challenges us to be no longer conformed to the patterns of the world, but rather to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. So much of what we are missing in life is associated with the way we process events in the world around us, draw conclusions about our circumstances and act out of conclusions uniformed by the truth of Jesus and the Gospel. In a world constantly bombarded by the fictions of a self-absorbed culture, managing our thinking becomes an even trickier proposition.

Class option 2: The word

Facilitated by Bruce Calcote in the Conference Room.

This course is for beginners to veterans. A refreshing way to begin your Bible knowledge or to Rekindle your journey to reading the Bible on a more regular basis.

Class Option 3: Exodus

Facilitated by Jane Hudson in the Upper Classroom. Bibles needed-no workbook or registration required. 

A verse-by-verse study of the book of Exodus using the questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why?