Soul Food Café

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Soul Food Cafe

Wednesday's at 6:10 (Meal at 5:00)


August 15th we will launch soul food café.

Soul Food Café is a new worship service that will be held around tables in the Overflow Worship Center. The meal will begin at 5:00 and our worship will begin at 6:10. Currently there is only one worship time for our whole congregation (Sunday 10:00). Many families and individuals are out on Sundays and need an alternative time. The service will last 50 minutes. There will be nursery and children's activities available. The service itself will have three simple movements:

1. Music and prayer.

2. Witness and faith stories.

3. Bible stories and table discussion.

We have had two trial services and they have been well received. If you have questions, please call the office at 601-261-3371.


Road To Recovery


Road to Recovery

Saturday, December 15th at 8:00 AM

The proceeds from this event will benefit Jeffrey's Fund, administered by The PineBelt Foundation.  Jeffrey's Fund assists local residents by offering grants to those who cannot afford drug/addiction recovery programs.


 Breakthru 2019

Breakthru 2019.jpg

Dates: Sun, Dec 30, 2018, 11:30 AM – Wed, Jan 2, 2019, 1:00 PM

You don’t want to miss this year at BreakThru. For 41 years we have seen God move in the lives of students in dramatic ways. This year we believe God is going to do amazing things during our time at BreakThru!! Whether you are coming for the first time or are a veteran of BT, this year will be full of surprises and new experiences. BreakThru 2019!!! ***COST $210.00***

Technological Responsibility


Beginning November 7, 2018

In the Devotion Room

Join us for this 3 week course that will give some practical suggestions for families who are living in a technology driven world. We will learn from some of the best resources available today that can help our families learn how to appropriately use technology today.

Heritage On The Go


Hurricane Relief Partners

UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief)


Basic info from the UMC about resources and training.

Millie Gordon (Ms.  Conference Coordinator) 662-736-6362

Kenny McGill (Ms. Conference Disaster Response Coordinator) 662-416-1981


General Intro to Disaster Response the UM way

Organizing our team:

a.       Permanent DR Team

b.      Partner teams

c.       Distribution team

d.      Coordinating team (Small conference room/ receiving calls)



UMCOR Flood Buckets

Each Kit Contains:

 · 5 gal. Bucket with re-sealable lid (clean)

· 5 scouring pads (not steel wool)

· 7 sponges

· 1 scrub brush

· 18 cleaning towels (reusable wipes)

· Liquid laundry detergent (2-25 oz. or 1-50 oz. bottle)

· 1 household cleaner, 12 to 16 oz. bottle that can be mixed in water (no spray bottles)

· Dish soap, 16 to 28 oz. bottle

· Clothes line (two 50 ft. or one 100 ft.)

· 5 dust masks (disposable, sealed in a bag)

· 2 pair reusable waterproof gloves (Playtex type)

· 1 pair work gloves (leather palm necessary)

· 24-bag roll of heavy-duty trash bags, 33-45 gal. (Remove roll from box & roll into two sets of 12)

· 1 insect repellent spray (not killer), 6 to 14 oz. can (aerosol spray or pump with protective cover)

· 1 can air freshener (aerosol or pump)

· 50 clothespins

· Cleaning Agents: No powders.


Health Kit Materials

·       1 hand towel

o   15 x 25 inches to 17 x 27 inches

o   Kitchen, cleaning, and microfiber towels not acceptable

·       1 washcloth

·       1 comb

o   Comb needs to be sturdy and longer than 6 inches long

o   No pocket combs or picks please

o   Rattail combs and combs without handles are acceptable with a minimum of 6 inches of teeth

·       1 metal nail file or nail clippers

o   No emery boards, please

·       1 bath-size soap

o   3 oz. and larger sizes only

o   No Ivory or Jergens soap due to moisture content

o   Do not remove from original packaging

·       1 toothbrush

o   Adult size only

o   Do not remove from original packaging

·       6 adhesive bandages

o   ¾ inch to 1 inch-size

o   Common household Band-Aids

·       1 plastic bag

o   One-gallon size sealable bag only

·       $1.00 to purchase toothpaste

Blood Drive

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Kings Gold Benefit Concert

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